Take Action: Invest $50 million in housing and services for families and youth


Investing in $50 million for housing and homeless programs is vital to our people, the business economy, and the health of our state.

SF 797 and HF 937: $25 million to Department of Human Services for homeless services for families and youth

SF 811: $25 million to Minnesota Housing Finance Agency for housing programs for families and youth.

Whom to Contact:

Please take a few minutes today to call or email your state representative and state senator to let them know that housing and homelessness is a priority for you. Find your District:http://www.gis.leg.mn/OpenLayers/districts/

Talking Points for a Sample Letter/Phone Call:

  • Minnesota faces a severe housing crisis – overflow shelters are full, waiting lists for rental housing are full, over 11,000 school children were identified as homeless or highly mobile in 2011-2012 (with 6,000 in Minneapolis Public Schools alone).
  • We know what programs work immediately and long-term to prevent homelessness and create more affordable housing, which is what the $50 million increase would support.
  • Homeless and housing advocates from across the state are united around a $50 million increase for strategic and effective programs.
Department of Human Services Program Purpose 2012 – 2013 Funding Level Proposed Increase  Total Base Funding Proposed
Long-Term Homeless Supportive Services Fund Services to individuals, youth, and families in supportive housing(1,689 households in SFY10) $9.9 million $10 million $19.9 million
Transitional Housing Housing and services for individuals and families who have been homeless(3,812 individuals in SFY2010) $5.9 million $6 million $11.9 million
Emergency Services Program Services and emergency shelter for people who have been homeless(3,980 individuals in SFY10) $688,000 $1 million $1.7 million
Runaway and Homeless Youth Act Housing and services for youth who are homeless or at risk of homelessness586 individuals in SFY10 $218,000 $8 million $8.2 million
  Total Ask: $25 million


Minnesota Housing Finance Agency Programs Purpose 2012-2013 Funding Level Proposed Increase Total Base Funding Proposed
Family Homeless Prevention Assistance Program (FHPAP) Direct assistance and services to households at risk of losing housing or transitioning out of homelessness $14.93 million $2.5 million $17.4 million
Challenge Fund Financing for affordable housing development statewide $13.91 million $9 million (Restored)$5 million Increase $27.9 million
Housing Trust Fund Rental assistance for households previously homeless $19.11 million $2 million (Restored)$2.5 million Increase $23.6 million
Rental Rehab Loans Assistance for owners of smaller rental property improvements $4.898 million $3 million (Restored) $7.9 million
HECAT Homebuyer/homeowner education, counseling and training services $1.502 million $250,000 (Restored) $1.75 million
Capacity Building Regional coordination leverages federal funding $250,000 $250,000 (Restored)$250,000 Increase $750,000
Homeownership Assistance Fund Down payment and closing cost assistance for first-time homebuyers $1.594 million $250,000 (Restored) $1.8 million
    Total Ask: $ 25 million


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